Residential Mortgage Backed Securities

(Issuer: Argenta Spaarbank NV, acting through its Dutch Branch)

    ISIN Maturity Yield First Optional Redemption Date Prospectus Investor Presentation
23.06.2021 €0.65 billion Green Apple 2021 – I  XS2344448910 17.01.2060 Eur 3M + 13bp 17/01/2028 Download Download
24.06.2019 €0.825 billion Green Apple 2019-I NHG XS2007384113 17.01.2058 Eur 3M + 25bp 17.01.2026 Download Download
22.06.2018 €1 billion Green Apple 2018-I NHG XS1821082358 17.01.2057 Eur 3M + 18bp 17.01.2025 Download Download
03.10.2017 €1.2 billion Green Apple 2017-I NHG XS1679070166 17.01.2056 Eur 3M + 18bp 17.03.2024 Download Download

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