Argenta maintains a strong capital position according to ECB stress tests

30 July 2021

The ECB Banking Supervision regularly conducts stress tests to assess banks' ability to withstand financial and economic shocks. These stress tests examine how the solvency of banks would evolve purely fictitiously if very unfavorable economic scenarios were to occur, such as strongly negative economic growth, rising unemployment, falling house prices and a crisis in the financial markets, over a time horizon of 3 years.

In the recent stress tests of the ECB, the Argenta CET 1 core capital ratio amounts to 18.0% compared to 23.7% on 31/12/2020 without stress. This means that in a fictitious very unfavorable economic scenario Argenta would still have a very solid capital buffer of 18.0%. This means that Argenta, even under severe stress, remains well above the required minimum limit of 10.6% for core capital and would position itself at the top of the best capitalized European banks even in very unfavorable economic conditions, with a capital position that is higher than the starting position from most banks.

Marc Lauwers, CEO: “Argenta's results confirm the strong solvency and underline the quality of the loan portfolio, the sustainability of the business model and the robustness of the financial position. Argenta will remain one of the most strongly capitalized banks in Europe, even in very adverse economic circumstances.”