Excellent results for Argenta on the back of successful diversification

31 March 2022

In 2021, Argenta celebrated its 65th birthday. A brilliant anniversary year that Argenta crowned with attractive commercial and financial results: a group profit of 268 million euros, an ROE of 8.6%, a CET-1 of 21.6% and a cost-income ratio of 55.6%. New mortgage loans totalling 7.3 billion euros were granted in Belgium and the Netherlands. Funds under management rose to 57.6 billion euros.

And there are more good results. Argenta boasts a rising customer NPS of 46 (vs. 40 in 2020), its highest level ever. The results of the employee survey are also brilliant. Argenta achieved the highest scores ever for commitment and ambassadorship, and this despite the high level of teleworking.

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